Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thursday - Mostly sunny.  High: 82-86

Thursday Night - Mostly clear.  Low: 63-67

Friday - Mostly sunny.  High: 83-87
Friday Night Mostly clear.  Low: 62-66
Saturday - Mostly clear.  High: 84-88

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After the cold front that moved through yesterday, high pressure will settle in leading to a fairly consistent forecast.  All days in the forecast look to have fairly low amounts of cloud cover, with temperatures in the mid 80s.  Dewpoints will remain decently high in the mid 60s, leading to muggier days.  With this high pressure in place all days in the forecast period should remain fairly similar to one another, with slightly increasing temperatures throughout the forecast period. 
Forecasters: Sumrall, Heaven, Bongard,  and Hirsch
Issued: 10:00a.m. ; 11 July 2019

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