Monday, July 22, 2019

Monday - Sunny. High: 80-84

Monday Night - Clear. Low: 60-64

Tuesday - Sunny. High: 80-84

Tuesday Night- Clear. Low: 60-64

Wednesday - Sunny. High: 80-84

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After seeming like the oppressive heat will never go away, a cold front moved through last night bringing with it rain and and a welcome relief from the HOT temperatures. The passage of this cold front will impact us for the week and take us from above average temperatures to below average temperatures. A high pressure over Nebraska is what will will give us the cooler and sunnier weather. Winds will be out of the north which will bring in a cooler and drier airmass leading to the copious amounts of sunshine in the forecast and temperatures in the low 80s.                                                            
Forecasters: Hirsch
Issued: 10:00 a.m. ; 22 July 2019

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