Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Tuesday - Afternoon isolated thunderstorms. Partly cloudy. High: 86-90

Tuesday Night - Partly cloudy. Low: 70-74

Wednesday- Afternoon isolated thunderstorms. Partly cloudy. High: 86-90

Wednesday Night - Mostly Cloudy. Low: 70-74

Thursday - Afternoon isolated thunderstorms. Partly cloudy. High: 86-90

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What you are seeing is correct, everyday is almost identical in the forecast. A persistent high over the southeastern portion of the US continues to dominate and leaves us with a consistent and repeating weather pattern as our air mass remains unchanged. Due to our location of the high, winds will be out of the south bringing plenty low-level moisture into the region. This will keeps temperatures from getting too warm as clouds will be mixed in with blue sky for the forecast period. Things will be muggy around town due to this low-level moisture. With this southerly flow, moisture, and warm temperatures, there is a chance for daytime pop up thunderstorms. These will be scattered in nature and typically last about 30-45 minutes. While your day won't be ruined, they will slow things down a bit. This trend looks to continue till the 4th as well, but for now, things look to be OK weatherwise. The chance for these pop ups will greatly diminish once the sun goes down leading to dry evenings.
Forecasters:  Hirsch
Issued: 10:00 a.m.; 2 July 2019

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