Thursday, January 31, 2019


Tonight - Mostly cloudy.  Low: 22-26.

Friday - Mostly sunny.  High: 42-46.

Friday Night - Partly cloudy with chance for early morning fog. Low: 30-34.

Saturday -  Mostly cloudy with chance for scattered showers. High: 54-58.

 Sunday - Partly cloudy. High: 58-62.

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After a frigid past couple of days, things are finally looking to warm up.  Tonight we expect to see cloud cover sticks around into the early morning hours before clearing out leading us into a sunny first day of February.  Temps will start to climb into the 40s as we have a warm front stall out over mid Missouri.  Our winds will stay at a southerly flow which will help to bring in that warmer air.  Cloud cover Friday night will help our temps stay in the mid 30s.  We do have a chance for fog early Saturday morning as a result of moisture in the atmosphere from the melting snow.  Saturday also brings that chance for scattered showers for those north of I-70. The sun will make an appearance Sunday as we see temperatures climb into the upper 50s.  Overall it's looking to be a pleasant weekend.

Forecasters: Bongard, Doll and Myers
Issued: 4:58 p.m., January 31, 2019

Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class!) 

Tonight there will be warm advection bringing warmer temperatures from the southwest. The polar jet stream will sit directly to our north while the sub-tropical jet stream sits to our south keeping us directly in the middle of two distinct temperature trends. This warm frontal boundary will remain stationary through Friday morning until a shortwave flow really brings the warmer temps through Missouri. Friday the low pressure system keeps our winds at a southerly flow raising the temps into Friday night. Slight cloud cover Friday night will keep temperatures warmer than previously expected especially with low level moisture sticking around throughout the majority of the night. This low level moisture will bring chances of patchy fog early Saturday morning.

Saturday brings the possibilities of showers depending on which model you decide to look at for this day. NAM shows a chance for scattered showers over mid Missouri while GFS keeps us pretty dry throughout the day with scattered showers to our northwest and south. The showers will be influenced in by the low pressure system carried by the southerly sub-tropical jet stream. Saturday night both models show a really dry layer at the 700-mb level keeping the chances for possible precipitation development into Sunday low. Sunday will keep the same trends of south westerly winds bringing warmest temps we've seen in a while.

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