Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday Night - Clear. Low: 28-32.

Saturday - Sunny. High: 50-54.

Saturday Night -  Mostly Clear. Low: 30-34.

Sunday - Mostly Sunny. High: 49-53.

Monday - Mostly Sunny. High: 48-52.

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The winds should calm down this evening. Leaving a beautiful sunny weekend to enjoy and get things done outside. The temperatures will be similar and a little warmer then today. The nights mostly without cloud cover will be cold and leave temperatures below freezing.

Forecasters: Johnston, Rojas, and Summrall
Issued: 4:30 p.m.March 15, 2019

Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class!)

For the following analysis the model we used was GFS as the model discussion suggested it. Starting at the upper level, the jet stream remains east and southeast from us for the following days with a confluent zone to our west. By Saturday morning the axis of the trough will be northeast of the CONUS, putting Missouri in the upstream side of it, this will support the high pressure system at surface which persist during the weekend and into Monday. The anticyclonic rotation will drive the wind direction during the weekend over the area. The windy conditions will ease up this evening due to the decrease in pressure gradient force as the trough pushes further into the eastern CONUS. Soundings show that we currently have northwesterly flow near the surface through 15Z Saturday when it shifts to the west. By OZ Sunday the wind below 850 mb has shifted to southwesterly. Monday at 6Z the wind below 900 mb has shifted to the northerly again. The winds remain northerly and northwesterly the rest of our forecast. And Sunday morning, a cold front will cross the area reducing the maximum temperatures. The soundings remain really dry for in the entire column of the atmosphere for this forecast.