Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tonight - Clear. Low: 33-37

Friday -
Sunny. High: 57-61

Friday Night - Clouds beginning to move in. Low: 34-38

Saturday - Sunny morning, cloudy evening. High: 59-62

Sunday- Scattered showers. High 58-62

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Sunny skies are back at last!  Tonight will remain clear with temperatures staying above freezing.  The high pressure that is hanging out over central Missouri will keep skies clear Friday with temperatures reaching up to around 60 degrees.  Overnight Friday has clouds pushing into our forecast area with our winds coming from the southwest.  This will keep our temperatures seasonal into the weekend.  Clouds continue to build in over the course of Saturday as we begin to see low pressure moves into Missouri.  The low settles into the Iowa/Missouri border on Sunday and will bring us chances of showers as those southwesterly winds pull in moisture from the Gulf.  A cold front will sweep into Missouri Sunday evening. 

Forecasters: Bongard, Doll, Munley, and Hirsch
Issued: 4:3 p.m.March 21, 2019

Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class!)

Thursday night looks to remain dry with clear skies.  The forecast area is currently seeing northwest flow for the majority of the column as the region is wedged between a trough to the east and a ridge building to the west.  Surface winds are a little breezy, sustained from 5-10 mph.  Upper layer winds will stay strong as that ridge continues to move into the Midwest this weekend.  Friday will continue to be dry due to the flow around the high pressure center to the northeast.  Bands of vorticity will propagate into central Missouri Friday night in association with a low pressure system that will form over southern Kansas.  Saturday is when the negatively tilted ridge will finally push into Missouri.  The upper level winds will start to diminish as the ridge axis passes over central Missouri.  The center of circulation for vorticity is around the low that will move across Kansas in a northeasterly fashion.  Missouri will see the flow start to swing to the west as that low moves closer to us.  The atmosphere is finally going to see some moisture build in as that high pressure system moves away and the southwesterly flow starts to bring moisture from the Gulf.  This cyclonic system will bring rain for those in Kansas and Oklahoma on Saturday.  On Sunday this rain will move into Missouri with total accumulation predicted  around half an inch.  The bulk of the rain will be around the center of the low which will move through southern Nebraska and into the Iowa/Missouri border Sunday morning.  This will only add to the flooding that Nebraska is currently seeing.  For Missouri, Sunday will have our flow becoming more zonal and winds pick as the access of the trough swings into central Missouri.  Vorticity will increase in correlation with the cyclone to our north.  Lower level winds are still going to be out of the southwest which will continue to bring in moisture.  This will allow for temperatures to stay seasonal and conditions Sunday evening will remain warm just before the cold front swings through. 

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