Monday, December 2, 2019

Monday Night - Clear. Low:28-32

 Tuesday - Sunny. High:46-50

 Tuesday Night - Mostly Clear. Low:28-32

Wednesday - Sunny. High:46-50


Thursday - Partly Cloudy. High:50-54

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Today, we saw partly cloudy skies and calmer winds due to the low pressure system we had this weekend moving out towards the east. Skies will continue to clear out overnight and into tomorrow contributing to a low temperatures in the upper 20's. Winds will be out of the northwest Tuesday through Thursday, keeping temperatures down. Clear skies and seasonal temperatures will remain until Thursday evening.
Forecasters: Hatch, Heaven, Munley, Travis
Issued:  5:00 pm, December 2, 2019

Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class)
The GFS and SREF were utilized primarily for this forecast.
The occluded low pressure system that passed through Mid-Missouri this past weekend has moved off towards the east today, contributing to the mostly sunny skies and calmer winds in the region today. Missouri will remain in the northwesterly flow until the end of the forecast period. This northwest wind will be dry, which will also contribute to the clear skies over the next few days as it moves any remaining moisture out of the region.

Tonight, due to it being the first clear night after the frontal passage, temperatures will be cooler than in the coming days; hovering at just below freezing. The northerly winds clear skies will keep temperatures lower for the next few days. High pressure will set in Tuesday, keeping the forecast consistent throughout the forecast period. Clouds begin to build in Thursday due to another low pressure system that will be expected to pass through southern Missouri. Further forecasters will provide further details on Thursday's forecast.

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