Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tonight - Becoming mostly cloudy, with showers and maybe a rumble of thunder overnight.  Low:  66-70.

Friday - Mostly cloudy. High: 74-78.

Friday Night - Mostly cloudy  Low:  56-60.

Saturday - Gradually clearing skies.  High:  near 70.

Sunday- Mostly sunny skies. High: 71-75

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Discussion: The much anticipated cold front is finally beginning to make its way toward mid-Missouri, and should arrive in the area right after dawn on Friday.  Instead of the widely scattered showers and thunderstorms that have pestered the area the last few days, a more organized system will sweep through the Columbia area.  We can expect rain and showers for the morning commute through lunch time, and then conditions should begin to improve.  Much cooler temperatures will settle in for the duration of the weekend.
Forecaster:  Sumrall, Hirsch, Johnston and Market
Issued:  4:12 p.m., September 20, 2018

Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class!)
As the low pressure system moves off to the northeast it will strengthen as it goes. The cold front will move through Missouri late Friday morning. As the low pressure system continues to strengthen there are enhanced levels of vorticity associated with it. This will not impact Missouri's weather as much as it will those to the north and closer to the center of that low pressure system. As the trough moves out, it leaves behind a ridge pattern that will bring more fall like weather conditions. There is an initial drying of the atmosphere as the front passes, but we will see an increase in moisture as conditions settle into the high pressure mode. Moderate temperatures will be the theme for Saturday and Sunday with highs only reaching the mid 70's and lows down to the 50's. Saturday we will see decreasing cloud cover as we move into the afternoon hours.

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