Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday Night - Breezey, clearing skies overnight. Low: 20-24.

Wednesday - Windy, warming temperatures, mostly sunny. High: 52-56.

Wednesday Night - Partley cloudy. Low: 37-41.

Thursday -  Mostly cloudy. High: 52-56.


Friday -  Overcast with snow chances.  High: 27-31.

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We had a windy day here in mid-Missouri as warm air is being funneled in from the southwest, bringing us milder temperatures. The gusty conditions will continue into tomorrow helping clouds move out of the area and funnel in warmer temperatures. The high for tomorrow will be in the mid- 50’s and sunshine will be widespread, so tomorrow will be the nicest day of the week to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Thursday will also be very mild in temperature, however more moisture will be available in the atmosphere so cloud cover is to be expected, and we can’t rule out the possibility of a few sprinkles. But, this should not be enough rain to ruin any outdoor plans that you may have for Valentine’s Day on Thursday. Late Thursday night and into Friday morning we have a cold front that will push through the area, kicking down our temperatures, to around 30 for a high, and will bring moisture behind it. This will be our next good chance of seeing winter precipitation, likely in the form of snow.
Forecasters: Azzara, Munley, Brown, and Hirsch
Issued: 4:35 a.m., February 11, 2019
Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class!)

After the drizzle and flurries that passed through the area this morning, drier air has entered the area giving us clear skies and some much needed sunshine for the next couple days. Tonight, winds will continue to blow around 15-20mph out of the northwest with clear skies. This will promote more surface cooling, bringing out temperatures down to the mid to low 20s.

With the lack of moisture and lift in the GFS, model soundings have us dry until tomorrow. Winds shift tomorrow from a westerly component to a southerly component, with a veering wind profile and promoting WAA. This is bringing us the pleasant and much needed above average temperatures. A mix of sun and clouds for Wednesday is expected with no chances of precipitation. Overnight on Wednesday look for clouds to persist.

Thursday will start out partly cloudy with increasing clouds throughout the day as a cold front approaches. We believe the frontal passage will occur Thursday night into Friday morning. Post FROPA there is a possibility of clearing skies but not for long. CAA will dominate not only Friday, but through the weekend as well. GFS soundings show the column begins to moisten up through the early morning on Friday. Right now there is a chance of snow late Friday afternoon with about 10mb/s of lift throughout the DGZ and a moist atmosphere up to about 320mb level. With the timing and totals we will differ to future forecast shifts.

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