Monday, June 3, 2019

Monday -  Mostly Sunny. High: 80-84

Monday Night -  Partly cloudy. Low: 64-68 

Tuesday -  Rainy and cloudy. Isolated thunderstorms. High: 82-86

Tuesday Night - Rainy and cloudy. Isolated thunderstorms. Low: 63-67

Wednesday -  Thunderstorms otherwise, mostly cloudy. High: 84-88

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Today is the only dry day for this forecast period before more unwelcome rain moves into the area so be to sure to enjoy it. Currently a weak high sits over us giving us this pleasant weather but will quickly be pushed off to the east as another approaching rain systems comes in. Monday night clouds move in with rain being ushered in by Tuesday morning, roughly around sunrise. Rain sticks around for the remainder of the day, but its not a washout as there will be a break around the lunch time hour. After this, daytime heating will allow for more rain and isolated thunderstorms to develop. The weather feature doesn't go anywhere fast and hangs around on Wednesday causing almost a repeat weather day to Tuesday.  Expected total amounts of rain by the end of the week could be 1.5-2" further exacerbating flooding problems. 

Forecasters:  Hirsch and Steward
Issued: 10:00 a.m.; 3 June 2019

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