Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wednesday- Mostly sunny High: 87-91

Wednesday Night - Partly Cloudy. Isolated thunderstorms. Low: 67-71

Thursday- Partly cloudy. Isolated showers and thunderstorms.  High: 82-86

Thursday Night- Mostly cloudy. Isolated thunderstorms. Low: 64-68

Friday -  Partly cloudy. Isolated thunderstorms. High: 83-87

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Today we will be relatively dry as the cold front remains north of the area.  Later tonight the front will move through Boone County ushering in an increased chance of thunderstorm activity.  Being the front wont approach till later in the evening, most of the energy given by solar radiation will be on the decline.  The front will meander just south of area for the next few days, keeping thunderstorm potential in the forecast.  We will enjoy relatively cooler temperatures with the passage of the frontal boundary and increased amounts of clouds for the rest of the work week. 
Forecasters:  Hirsch, Steward
Issued: 10:00 a.m.; 5 June 2019

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