Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday- Sunny. High: 76-80

Monday Night - Mostly clear. Low: 54-58

Tuesday- Mostly sunny.  High: 80-84

Tuesday Night - Clouds develop overnight, scattered showers late. Low: 54-58

Wednesday - Periods of rain, otherwise cloudy. High: 70-74

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After the hot weather the past week, we are finally set for some seasonally cooler weather for Monday. A cold front moved through overnight which will give us northerly winds and plenty of sunshine with temperatures only into the mid to upper 70s for today. A high pressure behind this front will dominate our forecast until Tuesday night as the high moves off to the east. As it moves to the east, southerly flow will return causing a slight uptick in forecasted highs for Tuesday but this won't last long as another cold front is expected to move in Tuesday night. This will bring with it not only cooler temperatures than today, but also clouds and rain. Right now, rain looks likely Wednesday in the morning, 6-10 am, followed by a break in the middle of the day, followed by more rain later Wednesday afternoon, after 4 pm. Enjoy these next 2 days as they are a welcome break from typical Missouri summer weather. 
Forecasters:  Hirsch
Issued: 10:00 a.m.; 10 June 2019

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