Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday-  Partly Cloudy. High: 81-85

Friday Night-  Partly cloudy. Low: 60-64

Saturday- Partly cloudy. High: 78-82

Saturday Night-  Partly cloudy.  Low: 61-65

Sunday -  Partly cloudy. High: 80-84

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Any significant weather activity will be limited to the southeast away from Mizzou.  Visible Satellite shows low clouds moving with the low pressure system out of the area, so we are expecting a relatively clear day.  Temperatures are trending a bit warmer than model guidance as there is less cloud coverage to impede sunshine rays, so break out the SPF and the shades.  A perfect BBQing weekend ahead with no rain and relatively cooler temperatures ushered in by the northerly flow. Climate prediction center is estimating this cooler weather could be the trend for the next few weeks, enjoy it, because summer is coming.
Forecasters:  Steward, Balkissoon
Issued: 10:00 p.m.; 7 June 2019

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