Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday-  Mostly Sunny with low possibility of isolated showers. High: 81-85

Friday Night-  Mostly Clear. Low: 60-64

Saturday- Sunny High: 80-84

Saturday Night-  Partly cloudy.  Low: 62-66

Sunday -  Mostly Sunny. High: 80-84

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There is a low to our south on the boarder of Arkansas and Northwestern Mississippi that is producing rain and potential storms but a stationary front just north of Columbia is going to help push any rain potential to the south of us, keeping us dry for the day. A stray isolated shower is hard to rule out completely, but most of the precipitation associated with the system to our south will stay to the south. The warm front of the low pressure system will turn stationary during the day and will lull the activity associated with the low and reduce the rain chances that extended into the weekend. The weekend is looking to stay mild with our temperatures staying in the 80's and looking to stay dry as well. Lots of sunshine will be available throughout the weekend and into the start of next week which is a nice change in the forecast. 
Forecasters: Azzara
Issued: 10:00 a.m.; 7 June 2019

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