Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday - Partly sunny. High near 50.

Monday night - Partly cloudy with a chance of frost. Low: 29-33.
Tuesday - Mostly sunny. High: 56-60.

Tuesday night - Clear. Low: 36-40. 

Wednesday - Sunny. High near 60. 

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Discussion: High pressure to our west and a slow-moving cold front to our southeast will keep our conditions cool and consistent over the next few days. Temperatures tonight will hover right around freezing and frost is possible overnight. A frost advisory has already been issues by the St. Louis NWS.What little moisture we have in our atmosphere will move out by Tuesday to keep skies clear through mid-week.  Temperatures will warm up throughout the week thanks to the sunny conditions.
Forecaster:  Carlson, Scroggins, Hirsch and Market
Issued: 9:38 a.m., October 15, 2018

Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class!)
We had consensus between the two models based on this morning's soundings and actual weather occurance. Overnight on Sunday, we recieved 0.20" of rain. This moisture that fell will cause clouds to stick around for the day. After this, a high pressure will move in and dominate our weather for the remaining portion of the forecast period. The high pressure hanging near us is sitting at 1030+ mb, keeping skies clear and the atmosphere stable. The precipitable water values were minimal, with values less than .25 inches. Coupled with high pressure, there is low moisture in the atmosphere as the 700-1000 mb mean RH has 60% on Tuesday, so we don't expect much in the way of cloud coverage.

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