Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Wednesday - Overcast. Snow transitioning into sleet back into snow. High: 34-38

Wednesday Night - Overcast. Snow Showers, Cold. Low: 8-12

Thursday - Overcast. High: 16-20

                Friday - Sunny. High: 28-32

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The clearing skies that happened this afternoon will start to become overcast overnight as a storm system will move into the area tomorrow. This system will bring the potential for snow throughout the afternoon into tomorrow night. The possibility for snow still remains heading into Thursday morning as a cold front will make its way into the area for Thursday afternoon. This cold front will drop temperatures to the coldest that has been experienced this season. Skies will begin to clear out Thursday night as well which will contribute to the extreme cold air.
Forecasters: Gallahan, Munley
Issued:  5:00pm: February 11, 2020

Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class) 
The set up of this system has mid-missouri under the 250mb jet max and are in the right entrance region of the jet which gives us divergence aloft giving us the UVM for this system. Along with being under the jet max, the 540 geopotential height line remains north of the area until late tomorrow morning and makes its way south throughout the day tomorrow.

At 700mb, the RH values at will reach near one hundred percent which will give us enough of the moisture needed. The UVM component of this will also usher in enough lift for any of the moisture at to fall as precipitation. 12z soundings show the column beginning to saturate at 12z tomorrow and lasting until 12z Thursday. The column will also remain below the 0C isotherm this entire period. This indicates that any precipitation that falls will be snow. The intensity of the snow will diminish Thursday morning due to the UVM being as low as 850mb which will slow the dendrite growth producing smaller dendrites in the process. 

Snow is expected to end by around 12z Thursday with expected totals to be 1-3inches.  Thursday afternoon the snow will move out and there will be a backing wind profile that begins to take shape. This will bring us CAA which will drop the temperatures into the teens for the afternoon. Thursday night, the column will fully dry out which shows clearing skies and will bring in the coldest temperatures in a while.

NOTE: High temperatures for Thursday to be much colder than they indicated yesterday. This is a heads up for tomorrow's shift to keep an eye on these temperatures.

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  1. Do you want to build a snowman? You're in the right place! It's a Wednesday in February in Columbia :)! I enjoy your blog. It gives me a glimpse of campus from miles away. Thank you!