Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday Night - Cloudy and isolated rain showers. Low: 32-36

Tuesday - Partly Cloudy. High: 38-42

Tuesday Night - Clear Skies. Low: 22-26

Wednesday Clear Skies. High: 34-38

Thursday -  Clear skies. High: 36-40

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Rain will continue through Monday evening as a surface low moves through Central Missouri. After cold frontal passage, cold air and high pressure will move over the Columbia region, bringing in lower temperatures. Temperatures will drop below zero starting on Tuesday and remaining low throughout the remainder of the week. 
Forecasters: Savoy, Owens, Munley
Issued:  10:00am: February 17, 2020

Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class) 
Light rain showers throughout the day. SkewT's indicate saturation at the lower levels along with the upward vertical motion that has supported that rain showers throughout the day will begin to dissipate around 21Z. Currently, there is a mid-level trough over the Dakota's at 500 mb, as we move closer into 700 mb the trough deepens. This trough leads into a cyclone at the surface levels over the Northern Nebraska and Southern South Dakota region that with remain north of us in Columbia. This surface-level cyclone helped us warm up over the weekend and into today but as winds begin to back temperatures will drop as the cold front beings to move in. 
The cold front will bring along high pressure as indicated on the 1000-500mb thickness chart, which should keep conditions pretty persistent for the next couple of days. The coldest temperatures should come Tuesday night, after the frontal passage due to the lack of cloud cover to keep us relatively warm. Clouds will remain scarce helping the cold front to keep our temperatures cooler. 

No significant weather changes will be happening during the forecast period but as the group stated before, a negatively titled trough at 250 mb positioned over the Rockies begins to set up Wednesday night. No changes have been noted but futures forecasters should keep watch.

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