Thursday, February 11, 2021




Thursday - Overcast. Occasional snow flurries possible. High: 16 - 20.

Thursday Night - Overcast. A small chance for snow showers. Low: 2 - 6. 

Friday - Overcast. A slight chance of snow. High: 10 - 14. 
Friday Night - Overcast. Chance of snow late. -2 - 2

Saturday -
Overcast. Snow possible early. Very cold. High: 6 - 10.
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The Columbia area should expect more of the same over the next few days.  The deep cold will continue into the weekend.  Overcast skies will blanket the area bringing the possibility of on-and-off snow.  Thursday will see low chances of snow flurries throughout the day.  Friday will see another shot of frigid arctic air push into the region as lows could dip below zero in the overnight hours.  As with Thursday, there is a chance of snow throughout the day, increasing overnight.  As highs are predicted to be in the high single digits on Saturday with even lower wind chills, make sure to check-in on any at risk neighbors.
Forecaster: Ede, Gasch, Pauley
Issued: 9:00 AM CST 11 February 2021
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