Thursday, February 11, 2021





Thursday Night - Overcast. Low: 4-8.

Friday - Overcast. A small chance of afternoon flurries. High: 10-14. 

Friday Night - Overcast. A slight chance of snow. Low: 0-4. 
Saturday - Overcast. Chance of snow. High: 8-12.

Sunday -
Overcast. Snow starting in the afternoon into the evening. 
High: 6 - 10.
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The Mid-Missouri area should expect little change in the weather throughout the weekend. There is a well-developed low pressure system sitting north of us causing mild but cold weather. Moisture from the west coast travels over to Columbia giving us cloudy skies and light flurries on Friday and Saturday, with Sunday experiencing the highest chance of precipitation. The low pressure system is bringing cold, Arctic air downward, causing the temperatures to stay below freezing. As a result, the National Weather Service has placed Mid-Missouri under a wind chill advisory Thursday night.

Forecaster: Lamb, Nixon, Cochran, Travis
Issued: 6:00 PM CST 11 February 2021
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