Monday, October 21, 2019


Monday - Decreasing clouds and breezy. High: 58-62 

Monday Night - Partly cloudy. Low: 42-46

Tuesday - Mostly sunny. High: 56-60

Tuesday Night - Mostly clear. Low: 36-40

Wednesday - Partly sunny. High: 64-68

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A cold front passed through the Midwest last night bringing thunderstorms between midnight and 5am. Clouds will linger this morning but will filter out through the day as high pressure sets in. This will dominate our forecast period allowing for seasonal temperatures and minimal cloud cover. We're also looking at breezy conditions at the surface during most of our forecast period.
Forecasters: Clemons, Lieberman, and Hirsch
Issued:  10:00 a.m. ; October 21,  2019

Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class!)
Overnight, a squall line moved across the Midwest creating severe weather mainly to the south of our forecast area, but we still saw heavy rain and some convection between 06Z to 12Z this morning. Rain totals were anywhere between 0.5" to a little over an inch. Most of the storms were ahead of the front. Shortly there after, the front passed through Mid-Missouri (not long after this forecast was issued). The cold front was associated with a stacked occluded low over the South Dakota-Nebraska border that is causing a very tight pressure gradient through our area. This will cause breezy conditions at the surface for the next few days. We're looking at wind gusts up to 25 knots. After the fronts and low pressure systems moved to our east, a high pressure system develops and moves just south of our forecast area, dominating our forecast period. Today, clouds will decrease as moisture moves to our east along the cold front, but thanks to the rain we saw last night, we will have enough moisture for low-level clouds tonight. Clouds will clear for Tuesday and Tuesday night. Tuesday night will be a much cooler night since it is the first clear night after FROPA. Models suggest moisture and warmer air from the Gulf to filter in on Wednesday as the surface high moves to the east allowing for southerly flow. Future forecasters will need to keep an eye on rain potential Wednesday night.

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