Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thursday Night -Mostly Clear Skies. Lows: 27-31 degrees.

Friday - Clear. High: 56-60 degrees.

Friday Night - Clear. Low: 30-34 degrees.

Saturday -Clear. High: 50-54 degrees.

Sunday -Clear. High: 54-57 degrees.

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Due to frontal passage, Columbia Mo is expecting calm weather for the next few days. While temperatures will remain low, we will see a bit of warming on Friday with a high temperature between 56-60 degrees. As we move into the weekend hours there will be a bit of cold air moving into the area with the low falling back into the low 30s on Sunday.
Forecasters: Owens, Travis
Issued:  3:00 pm; October 31,  2019

Technical Discussion (The nerdy stuff we are discussing in class!) 
High pressure will dominate the central Missouri region for the weekend. While there are residual clouds behind the front, these will clear out over Thursday evening to Friday morning. This is due to DAA behind the front. In addition to this there will be CAA behind the front, causing temperatures to be fairly low in the evening hours.  
On Friday winds will shift to more of an westerly direction, as the MSWT moves downstream of the area of responsibility, as shown on the 500mb/700mb SREF/HREF. With this temperature will increase. However, due to the fact that Central Missouri is still fairly dry and SREF Omega <-3 values are non-existent, there will be clear skies.
On Saturday and Sunday the 500mb/700mb will move down steam of the region. With this, there will be a wind shift to the north west, bringing a bit of CAA, however winds in the low levels continue to remain from the west during Sunday. As such we will continue to see normal diurnal patterns, causing temperatures to decrease into the 30s overnight.

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